Are You Telling People You Got Nothing?

Posted: February 17, 2010 in best practices, Better Tweeting, how to, social media, social networking, socialnomics, trust, Twitter
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Where's the ball?

Doesn't everybody already assume that you're going to do something with the ball?

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It seems a small thing. The little URL that Twitter gives you in your profile. Many simply don’t have a URL to promote. Or maybe some think it’s unseemly to do so. But when you think on it, it’s the only link to the rest of the you that’s waiting for your followers, and especially your growing fans. If you don’t have a URL, you’re probably not focused enough on what you’re doing on Twitter.


People use Twitter for many reasons, one of which is pure socializing. I get that, but it’s not a long-term strategy. No one is purely a social being. We need to eat, earn a living, make plans. No one expects  you to be one-dimensional. Having something to share, even if you’re not selling anything, is a crucial part of your Twitter profile. It tells people “there’s more here if you ‘d like to go there.” Sooner or later, there are going to be people who want to go deeper into “you”. I try not to have a profile that doesn’t have a purpose other than being social.

There is really just one good way to post your Twitter profile URL: in as short a number of characters as possible, preferably with your brand right up front, preferably without a “www’ getting in the way. If your domain name is simply too long to be seen at a glance in the profile, then use a shortened version. What’s more, you should pick a domain that is focused on one particular type of activity, or at least make sure your URL matches the nature of the tweets for that profile.

I came to realize early on that without a clearly defined purpose, a Twitter profile simply falls flat in the scheme of things. A URL is a clearly defined way to introduce that purpose, even if it’s not something you’re trying to shout at the top of your lungs. Just sayin’? [tweetmeme source=”MarkBrimm”]

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  2. WebMistress says:

    I was going blank for a while there. And later I discovered I was promoting the wrong site altogether. I guess the profile settings need to be periodically reviewed to be fully optimized for your purposes. I’m a dunce…but I learned.

    • Mark Brimm says:

      You know, I’ve made the mistake of promoting the wrong URL myself. It definitely does take a weekly review to make sure you are staying on top of all your public interface points. Twitter is like a daily branding opportunity with what will ultimately be the room housing your Twitter base. Worth the effort, since all REAL Twitter power-users are monitoring their conversations in person.

  3. Jim says:

    I see your point. I haven’t had the chance yet to get to the point of examining why I should even have a url in my Twitter profile. I guess I’ll need to get on that next.

    • Mark Brimm says:

      Just think, you are going to run into many of the same people down the road. Why not give the profile a little thought now and save yourself the trouble of rebranding to all those turned off folks? You have the power in your hands to take your profile beyond the limits of a newbie with just a little effort up front.

  4. The Masked Writer says:

    I left my profile wihout a url for a while because our site wasn’t ready. Then later I realized that most of my profile info could be a lot better. I was telling people I had nothing and didn’t even know it. Guilty.

    • Mark Brimm says:

      Most people will add a profile only if it has a profile icon, and most of those prefer a well-known name or a person to get to know. Posting your own photo is best if your brand is you. Otherwise, always stick with your promotion as your focus.

  5. T. says:

    Also did this, but at least now I’m revising about once a week.

  6. LostSoul says:

    Yup, I need to revise my profile info and my URL.

  7. Lynn says:

    So true! I see so many people on Twitter who obviously have something to promote (even if it’s just themselves) and they don’t use the gift of the profile URL. *Sigh* They’ll learn, but it almost hurts to watch them grow so slowly in my friends list.

  8. I own my own domain name, (parked so dont bother to look) and I’ve owned it for years without doing anything with it. When I give SM presentations, people ask why I dont have my own dotcom. When I tell them that my own name as a dotcom is less marketable than my professional identity, the brand Leader4hire, they blink a couple times and then they get it. Besides, if you search for Justin McCullough, you find me on first page results, if you search for leader4hire, first page results. One of the big contributors is twitter – the link in your twitter profile is gold for your domain (or brand name). Great for keyword results.

    What Mark speaks is gospel 🙂

    PS – Search for “The Linchpin Way” or “The Linchpin 2.0 Manifesto” if you are a Seth Godin fan – Linchpins unite!!!

    • Mark Brimm says:

      I see the point here. I think it’s true that what you’ve spent all of your time promoting is in the end what you promote. Personally, I’ve discovered that showing a more persoal self has helped build trust for my other forums. Still, you have to have the time and desire (or help) to support each domain, which is indeed tricky.

      And I most definitely second your ” Linchpins Unite! ” battle cry. 😀

  9. I don’t have my new site ready yet, so I still don’t have a profile URL up, but it IS killing me! LOL 😛

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