Moms Make Excellent Linchpins

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I’ve been noticing more and more all around me lately on how Mompreneurs got game. I’ve found myself writing about, to and for them. Everywhere you look, they’re doing it up right. They latch onto social media best practices fast, are eager to learn, and most often (in my experience) lack the automatic ego us guys, I’m afraid, have a very hard time overcoming. Just posted a nice little ditty on something I call “Twitter SEO” (how Twitter impacts SEO efforts, not on how to make spam on Twitter, and not addressing all of the more social aspects SMO concerns per se, though many of them, in fact. See the SEO for Twitter post if you’re interested).

Mompreneurs network well on Twitter, so it just seems right to talk about them today. I will be looking for ways to empower this broad section of small businesses every chance I get, because I think the innovative businesses of tomorrow come from duct tape marketing ideas created by small business. I hope you will join me in this. [tweetmeme source=”MarkBrimm”]

  1. Sarah P. says:

    Thank you for this!

  2. Mark, I definitely am on board and I’ll do whatever I can to help spread mompreneur visibility opportunities!

  3. Mallory Swanson says:

    It’s true, I think being a mommy to 3 kids has put me into productivity mode for being my own boss. Hubby can’t touch me in the planning and execution of projects.

    Mompreneurs got game.

    Java Bohemian

  4. Brian P. says:

    My wife is a mompreneur nowadays, and I know she got game. Even on the basketball court. Great post!

  5. You ROCK! Thanks for all you’re support and your amazing heart. Feel free to pass on my video link to FB profile page. 😉 😛

  6. ThinkingFox says:

    Hey Mark, any thoughts on Dadpreneurs? the ones who also look after their kids during the week and holidays?


    • Mark Brimm says:

      Good question! You’ve found the hole in this post’s conceptual framework. It completely ignores Dads who work from home and mind the kids! I’ll have to toss it over a little and get back to you…good thinking!

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