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Posted: April 28, 2010 in Better Tweeting, social media, social networking, trust, Twitter
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I normally will turn Twitter on after lunch. I’m busy during the morning with things that require my utmost attention: projects, clients, partners, lots of things poppin’. So after lunch, I like to feel like I’m riding the tail end of the day at that point. Doesn’t everyone? Unfortunately it’s not always the case, but that’s what I try for. It keeps me on track and sane. Along the way I add more followers (by hand, typically): potential prospects, potential partners, or just really cool companies and people that turn my gears.

Some typical things I would normally do on Twitter is check in with people I follow, post promotions for my business via casual interaction, blog post links, rally local followers in Houston area, or even by topic. When people tweet 500 times in a day, they often don’t get anything for it. Some days I don’t tweet at all. I tweet maybe, at most, 10 times per day, often less. Any more and I’d be rambling and wasting people’s time, or avoiding crucial work on my schedule. I know some people who post about 25, 50, even 100+ times a day on average. Some of us have reasons to tweet that often, most of us probably don’t. Everyone’s different.

Personally, I always wonder how anyone tweets 50 or more times a day if they are employed (even by self). That seems a lot of chitchat and time off the clock. Some people are mainly interested in using social media for socializing, for in-between moments, or to remark how they felt at key points in the lives, for posterity. That’s all perfectly valid. I mainly use it for business. I just happen to love running businesses, making them better, finding ways to do something better than before, usually pertaining to creating or promoting content on the web.

It has occurred to me that many start-up ventures are using Twitter either as “sleepers”, you know: tweeting nothing and racking up followers via follower software, others follow the grape-vine approach, using it to tweet up events and ping people for non-committal engagement. Many individuals use it for pure gossip, or to make “intimate” asides to a global audience about coworkers, some even going so far as to snap photos of total strangers that they just don’t like the look of, and tweeting something f’ed up about the person, posting it toot suite. I guess there is a Twitter use for every type of person out there. And there should be. It’s a tool that represents something different to everybody, for good or ill.

Okay, so now I’m curious. What do you use Twitter for? Go ahead and fill me in via the comments on this post.

  1. Leslie Ribidilu says:

    I use Twitter to touch base with friends locally, or to let them know where I am. The reason it’s better than texting direct is that my other friends can easily listen in with no pressure. 🙂

  2. Jonathon Cordry says:

    When I don’t have something better to do, I use it to find people in my social circle and get their attention.

  3. Abdul Husseini says:

    I love Twitter! I use my Twitter to make the friends from all over the world. Glad to make you as my friend!

  4. The Masked Writer says:

    I use Twitter to find potential clients and projects for my ghostwriting business!

  5. I use Twitter primarily to network and learn about new startup opportunities. I don’t tweet often right now, but I like to meet new people.

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  7. Great post as always, Mark.

    I use Twitter for a couple of main purposes:

    1) Visibility. Puts my “brand” out there. And

    2) Prospecting. Twitter casts such a wide net…it can take a while to convert, but I am finding the most of my best new connections and opportunities come about through Twitter because I can find exactly the people who are looking for me.

    And I won’t pass up the chance to say I’m at and


  8. adlyz caliman says:

    I tweet to get in touch with the world around me. To know what´s happening, and to learn something new everyday.
    My tweets are in two directions: a) English: Start ups, entrepreneurial thinking, business at the most.
    b) Spanish: Political around my country and events that take place in my surroundings.

    • Mark Brimm says:

      Thanks for the comment, Adlyz. Great examples!

      I think most people are using Twitter for some combination of personal interests, including local community stuff, and finally business networking with other personal profiles–all from their own personal profiles. If not, they’re missing the boat a little in my view. People want to see that we’re real, and we need to seek our own best interests.

      Sp you definitely fit within the ideal Twitter user range in my view. : )

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