Literary writing

Mark Brimm - literary authorUnlike many copywriters, I perform feats in the literary bullring! While you may want to hire me as a ghostwriter for your short story, memoir, novella, mostly I anticipate contact from possible creative partners on films, novels, magazines, or invitation to write on the topic of strategic marketing or content strategy.

My preferred genres

I dabble in writing screenplays for TV and film, as well as writing short stories, novellas, and novels. My credited work is limited to two main genres: marketing and literary/entertainment writing.

What I’m interested in

I’d like to work on multimedia projects in the old sense: literary works with music and images in the direction of film, but not in any way strictly limited to film, per se. I favor creative animation, but I would consider screenplay contract offers.

I am currently working on several unpublished projects, including an animation screenplay for television, a novel, and a collection of short stories. I am likewise seeking a skilled and versed animator with a historical penchant for Adult Swim.