slm_logoSocial media marketing (or “SMM”) and social media optimization (or “SMO”) are growing fields within marketing and PR communications requiring a different set of skills and a different perspective than that which preceded social media. I often consult clients, both large and small, on the how-to of setting up social media presence, as well as consulting on strategy and writing up marketing plans that focus on the strategic use of social media. This all happens under the aegis of SocialLabsMedia.

I normally do all of this via an initial phone meeting with the client, informed by any materials the client may have, and a follow-up written proposal on strategy and an actionable outline on implementation. If I think we can help, I’ll offer the suggestion that we schedule a phone consultation to discuss goals as a preparation for the proposed plan of execution. We charge hourly for the phone consultation and for writing up a plan of execution, which will then be handed off to you and your team for internal review and any follow-up time for Q&A. All time is charged. Quotes can be provided via the initial email exchange on estimated time. In rarer cases, when the budget is attractive and we feel able to, we may take on the actual campaign work outlined in the plan and approved by the client, with any relevant modifications in place.

I and my team do Twitter, Facebook, and blog promotion, as well as Social Media Optimization of websites, and social media analytics.

EMAIL US with your inquiry to go further in the process.