Mktg Review

Your site is new, or still like new, to the world wide web. I get it. I’ve been there. Really. Many times, in fact.

Avoid all the mistakes I and other marketers made early in their careers by getting expert review of your current website and web marketing needs.

Part of my motivation is to be eligible to sell you relevant services, sure…but I’m satisfied to just show you the way, too. Sometimes, people just need a guide to teach them what will matter. A cheat-sheet, if you will, to how to run a web presence. This review is designed to show you what a marketer hates most about your site, your current marketing approach, and why.

Includes a run-down of and recommended fixes for:

  • SEO issues
  • Branding issues
  • User Experience Issues
  • Social Media Missed Opportunities
  • Guerrilla Tactics you should really be exploiting
  • Under the hood problems (like invalidated links and faulty code)
  • Content Strategy that can bolster SEO and Social Marketing
  • Call to Action tweaks that can change your biz
  • How to get more traffic for your specific biz and industry
  • How to leverage your brand as a doorway, instead of a scarecrow


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